Integrate any API, products, orders, crm, loyalty and more.

Solutions Include

Cross-channel listings

Sell more products in more places. Automatically list products from your point of sale (POS) and ERP systems in your online stores, eBay, and Amazon accounts, and control product availability and pricing for each channel.

Sync inventory

Avoid double selling and stockouts. Automatically synchronize inventory levels across your online stores, physical stores, and warehouses. As items are sold and received inventory levels are automatically updated in all stores.

Centralized product management at your POS

Manage product information from your online and physical stores in one place. Update product details, prices, and inventory levels in your POS and ERP systems, and product information is automatically updated in your online stores, eBay and Amazon.

Centralized order management

Manage sales and customer data from your online and physical stores in a single location. As web orders are placed in your online stores, sales and customer data is automatically transferred to the point of sale (POS) and ERP systems you already use.

Multi-location inventory

Automatically update your website to display store inventory to online shoppers. Improve sales by showing if items can be purchased at your brick-and-mortar stores.
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In-store pick-up – BOPIS

Give customers the option to buy online and pick up items in your brick-and-mortar stores. eSync can automatically send order details to the stores your customers choose.
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CRM and Loyalty
Automatically update your CRM with your POS client data for push marketing campaigns.   POS loyalty also available for specific systems.  Contact support for more information.
Custom API Integrations
With eSync, we can connect to any API.  In most cases, we can release a new integration with a new platform in 30 days.  Please contact our support team, or sales for your custom API needs.