Troubleshooting WooCommerce Connection Problems

Troubleshooting WooCommerce Connection Problems

# WooCommerce REST API Connection problems – Unable to Connect WooCommerce

If you’re having difficulty connecting your WooCommerce web store or syncing products/orders please review the below suggestions.

  1. Deactivate all of your security plug-ins and test. There are also known connecting problems with iThemes Security. Deactivate this plug-in white list of our Kosmos IPs and test a product sync after. If it still fails, I suggest using a different plug-in like WordFence and white list our IP addresses.
  2. Try deactivating all plug-ins except for WooCommerce. For example, the ‘Roles and Rules’ plug-in, is known to cause connectivity problems.
  3. Apache Servers – See the discussion board and check your WooCommerce .htaccess file
  4. NGNIX Servers – See the discussion board and review Nginx server blocks.
  5. Do you have Wordfence? Contact Kosmos Support (ask for your server ip addresses) and see Wordfence tutorial on how to whitelist your eSync server ip’s.
  6. GoDaddy Hosted WordPress is not supported. You will need to upgrade to GoDaddy Linux cPanel Hosting.
  7. Returning HTML instead of JSON when testing with Postman? Make sure permalinks are enabled.
  8. Getting started with WooCommerce REST API
  9. Fix common WooCommerce REST API Issues
  10. SSL Test Tool a. compare your SSL to
  11. Still, having problems please post a ticket at the top of the page under SUPPORT and our team can assist. Provide your domain URL and a test key and secret, and we’ll test with PostMan as mentioned below.

# Test with PostMan

If you’re getting a ‘401 Unauthorized’ message with Postman then check your .htaccess file as mentioned above in step 5.

If you’re seeing html in your response instead of clean JSON then send to your hosting provider. Also post a Support ticket with your API Key and Secret and we can assist with verifying your findings.

# Hosting Recomendations

  • Still, having problems? We recommended these very popular Hosting providers: Blue Host or Hostgator.
Updated on June 10, 2024