BigCommerce Revel Matrix Products - Creating BigCommerce Options and Options Sets

In this article we will show you an example of how BigCommerce option and option sets are created from a Revel matrix product.

If you received "Message for target resource failed validation: Bigcommerce:option_sets" in your Activity logs after sending a Matrix product to BigCommerce then most likely your option and option sets do not match your POS.

See example of a Matrix product Tri LAB Sleeved Race-suit. Click on the parent name to locate the id number, 56. file In the below image example you’ll see the Matrix Parent ID Number to reference. In the below example, product Tri LAB Sleeved Race-suit, ID=56. file When a product is created in BigCommerce, this ID Number (56) is used for your Options and Option Sets.

In the below image example you’ll see the option set for this Matrix product, Size_56. file Below you’ll see the ID Number when searching Product Option, Size_56. file Now search for BigCommerce Option Set for the same Matrix ID, Size_56. file

Note: If for any reason you have Deleted this Matrix product for a new upload you’ll then need to also delete your options and option sets.

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