BigCommerce eSync - Troubleshooting Tips

Q. How do I see logs?

A.Simply click on your Activity Log button for your TASK. See Activity Log messages for more information.

Q. Only 3 orders at a time are downloaded from Shopify.

A. Yes, orders are downloadeed in batches of 3 at a time. We suggest turning on your Schedule at a higher interval if needed to download the next batch of 3 more often. If you need more than 3 orders to download at a time, please contact Support at the top of this page.

Q. I see a 422 Message in my Activity log when syncing inventory, what is this?

A. are you sending Negative inventory? BigCommerce will not accept a negative inventory value or decimal points (non-integer values) for inventory count.

Q. My BigCommerce App creates in BigCommerce but nothing else happens.

A. Only the store owner has permissions to add apps and approve any billing fees. Please make sure you’re logged into BigCommerce as the store owner and not a standard user or developer. In this instance, log in as the store owner, delete the App and try again.

Q. What is the key that is used to update a product in BigCommerce.

A. BigCommerce keys in on the product sku.

Q. Can I change the name of my product in my POS?

A. If you do change the name of any products, you’ll also need to update the name in your cart.

Q. Matrix Online Price is not updating to BigCommerce.

A. Did we create the product? To update Online Price all aspects of the Matrix must match, including Attribute Names, Types, Matrix Parent Name and SKU.

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