Connect Loyverse and Shopify - Getting Started

  1. First sign up for your 14 day Free Trial at Follow instructions and you’ll get an email from Kosmos to setup your account.

Note to connect to any subscription APP in Shopify you will also need to have a credit card on file under the Shopify billing area.

How to connect Loyverse to eSync

  1. Log into click on Create Action and then choose the Loyverse logo and follow the instructions to Authenticate your connection with your Loyverse POS username and password.

  2. Next click on the Shopify Logo and follow the instructions to authorize your connection with your Shopify owner login. Here are more detailed instructions on connecting Shopify to eSync

  3. Now that Loyverse and Shopify are connected you’ll see a list of Actions you can use. If not, click on Create Actions and choose your Logo’s (Loyverse and Shopify) and choose Send Standard Products. file

  4. Now click on the Action and click configure Action. Follow the instructions on the ‘?’ question marks that will instruct you on how to configure each eSync Action.

file file

  1. Now add to a TASK hit the RUN buttton and view your Activity Log results. file

Always have a backup of your data before you attempt any data syncs.

Next, learn how to create new products in Loyerse and update inventory and price from Loyverse to Shopify.

If you’d like to purchase a support package, you can do so here.

If you have further questions, please post a ticket in our Help Desk

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