Connecting Revel and Mailchimp - Getting Started Guide

  1. First sign up for your 14 day Free Trial directly from (click free trial) and follow the instructions from there to get your welcome email to setup your eSync account.

How to connect Revel to eSync

  1. Log into click on Create Action and then choose the Revel logo and follow the instructions to Authenticate your connection with your Revel POS username and password.

How to connect Mailchimp to eSync

  1. Next click on Create Action and choose the Mailchimp Logo. Follow the instructions to obtain your API key from your Mailchimp account.

Create eSync Actions for Sending Customers to Mailchimp


  1. Now that Mailchimp and Revel are connected. Next, click on Create Actions Next and add Send Customers to Mailchimp to your Actions list. Then configure the Action next. Follow the instructions on the ‘?’ question marks that will instruct you on how to configure each eSync Action.


  1. After you configure your Action, add it into a TASK and hit the TASK RUN button to test. View your TASK Activity log to see your results.

Always have a backup of your data before you attempt any data syncs.

Bulk Import Video See how to video on Revel Bulk Item Import

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