Finding Revel Orders in the Revel iPad

Viewing orders in Revel iPad POS

Your OffLine number in Revel admin area under Reports Order History for your online shopping cart (WooCommece, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc) will equal your online order number.


To locate your Online Orders, just click the Orders tab and then the three blue dots for Advances Search.


Now Search by Date Range or the OffLine Order ID for your Shopify, Woo, BigCommerce order number.


In this example, I searched by date range. You’ll now see orders that are marked as Online Orders and created by your Virtual Employee. In this example our online order number for Tommy Go Figure is #60816 and Created by virtual employee Kosmos eSync.


If you need to Void out an order for Returns or testing, see below.

Updating (Voiding) Revel Orders and Order Returns.

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