Having Problems Creating Some Products?

Are you’re able to create new products and are having difficulty with some others? If so, then look to see if there’s something common between those products. For example, look for special characters in the product name or category. Are they all grouped in one category? If so, the category could be the issue.

Avoid special characters like ‘&’ and slashes, trade mark symbols etc. Try to use only hyphens - instead.

Examples of Possible issues that may cause a product to not sync or create in your shopping cart.

Product Name or Category examples:

On Running Cloudventure Waterproof Men’s Black**/Dark Dark Rack & Spice Collection Nike Socks &** Shoes Auto Partes & Accessories

Now try removing any special characters in the category or product name and try Running eSync again. Then after, view your [Activity Logs](http://dev.help.kosmosesync.com:4444/kb/esync-activity-log-list-of-common-http-status-codes to see if the SKU is in the logs sent to your shopping cart.

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