I get 'Waiting Message' when I hit RUN in a Task - What is this?

The ‘Wating Message’ may appear if you do one of two things.

  1. you’re probably logged out. Try logging back in. Accounts are automatically logged out every 30 minutes regardless of use.
  2. You Hit the Run button twice. If the first time you hit RUN is in the middle of running a transaction to send data then hitting RUN the second time will display a ‘Waiting Message’
  3. Your account may have a temporary suspension and will clear up usually in an hour. This can happen by too many users hitting the RUN button. You can easily avoid this though by simply turning on your schedule. Your schedule, when set from the eSync dashboard will run automatically on our eSync servers and is not affected by the dashboard and the RUN button.

How to resolve.

  1. Post a ticket in our support portal and we can re-sync your account right away.
  2. Wait an hour & the TASK may have finished and your account will most likely go back to RUN as normal.
  3. Turn on your schedule. Your schedule will automaticaly sync with eSync servers and bypasses the RUN command.
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