LightSpeed eSync - Troubleshooting Tips

Q. How many products are updated every time eSync runs?

A. eSyn will update up to 100 products per each payload and will continue updating in subsequent payloads until there are no more products to update. Each update is processed based on a product time stamp and eSync will only update items with the most recent updates in your POS. We suggest turning on your schedule to automatically update products as they change in your LightSpeed POS.

Q. If I change the Online Price in LightSpeed, will it also update to the shopping cart?

A. Yes, when you change Online Price, the price will update to your online store with the send products action only.

Q. Can I change my product name or title?

A. Changing your product name or title will not update to the website and depending on your cart, may also create a duplicate product. If you need to change your product name, you’ll also need to change it online.

Q. Will my Lightspeed product descriptions, overwrite my online store?

A. Yes, if you have product (long) descriptions in LightSpeed these will always overwrite what you have in your online store. If you’d like better formatting for your descriptions eSync will also support HTML. If there is no data in your LightSpeed webstore page for descriptions, then eSync will not send anything to the cart. You can then create your descriptions manually on the shoppingcart side.

Q. Can I sync existing Matrix items and update price.

A. You can sync existing Matrix items if the Parent Names and Options/Option sets match your POS. If the Options and Option Sets do not match, then the SEND Matrix (create matrix) will rebuild them and you’ll lose the old option and option sets. On the SEND Matrix Inventory Levels Action, you can update inventory ONLY without rebuilding your option and options sets.

Q. Can I add more than one Action into a Task?

A. Only for orders. For all other Actions, if the first Action has no data to process then subsequent actions will then be ignored. So, only add one Action into a Single Task.

Q. How do API calls work with LightSpeed.

A. LightSpeed assigns points for accessing and posting data.

  1. LightSpeed gives 60 total points and will refresh after 60 seconds.
  2. Create Order = 10 points
  3. Update product = 1 point

For example, an order with 5 line items would use 5 points for the line items, 2 points for the shipping and tax items, 10 points to create the order, and 1 point to fetch the order so we can update the status, and thus uses 18 points for this 1 order example.

Q. Why are Matrix items creating for BigCommerce with only one variant? See article to assist with [LightSpeed bigCommerce Matrix troubleshooting]( You probably created it as two variants and saved latent data for that Matrix item that’s still being used to create the Matrix item.

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