Revel and Shopify Weighted Inventory and Orders Sync

Syncing weighted inventory and Orders from Revel to Shopify - Two way inventory sync.

Great for Bulk food items, Butcher Shops and Grocery Stores!

Since Shopify does not support decimals for inventory (for example, 2.1 lbs) we then will need to modify or move the decimal in order for Shopify to accept the whole inventory value.

Note: Shopify also calculates weights in Kilograms or KG’s.

There are two options or eSync Actions you can use.

  1. Send weighted inventory and move the decimal 3 places. Example, if inventory is 1.3 KG’s Shopify will show 1300 Grams. file
  2. Send inventory in whole amounts and drop the decimal. Example, if Revel inventory is 1.3 KG’s send to Shopify 1 KG’s and drop the decimal point. file

Below is an example of an item Sold by Weight in Revel.


You can also sync a Shopify Matrix item with a Revel Standard product or Bulk item as long as all the SKU’s match!

See example Shopify product - right click to enlarge and open in a new tab. file

Since you have a simple product in Revel and a Matrix in Shopify, you’ll need to create the product manually and make sure the SKU in Shopify matches your POS single product.

Also, calculate the price based on your Revel Price. If your price is $5.45 in Revel, then .1 Grams = .545 (.1 x 5.45 = .545 and rounding will occur with Shopify).

{revel price} x {number you enter in shopify weight field} = {price you enter in shopify}

Sending Orders from Shopify that have weighted items to Revel POS

The Shopify Shipping Weights field is used in the order that’s sent to Revel.

Since Shopify displays Weights in kg’s in the API you will need to do the same in Shipping and use kg’s as your label for Shipping Weight. Each product will have to have a Shipping Weight that is sent to the Revel POS.

> If you want to deduct 0.33 qty in Revel for each item sold simply enter 0.33kg for the Shipping Weight in Shopify.
> If you want to deduct 0.5 qty in Revel for each item sold simply enter 0.5kg for Shipping Weight in Shopify,

Note: If you’re POS is selling in LB’s, then simply add your weights in KG’s for your orders and inquire with our support team about the release date to support conversions from KG’s to LB’s.

Use the Orders Actions labeled with Send Weighted Orders to Revel. Creating the order in the POS will also trigger Revel inventory update for each individual line item SKU. Creating the order thus creates a two way inventory sync.

See example weighted orders Action below. You will also need to add the TAG Action into the same TASK once you have configured your Actions for use file file

After you RUN the TASK, Simply view your TASK Activity logs and Upload the Full log to a Support Ticket for further assistance.


The Shopify order will need a location to designate where to send the order. What if the Shopify order does not have a designated location tag and is simply a shipping order with no Shopify order tag designation?

Then simply create another Order Action and TAG Action for this circumstance and the tag will be labeled as ‘blank’ and on Revel configuration for the Order Action designate the location to send the order.


Also, see the following help article for list of Activit Log messages.

Note: The time stamp for creating products in Revel is different from the time stamp to update inventory in Revel.

If you’d like to purchase a support package, you can do so here.

If you have further questions, please post a ticket in our Help Desk

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