Revel Inventory Time Stamps vs Product Time Stamps

Revel Inventory Update vs Product Updates

Revel inventory_time_stamps vs. product_time_stamps

Every cart handles inventory differently.

Revel to Shopify or WooCommerce Inventory Sync.
Items are created with Zero inventory since these carts support Locations for inventory and even a single location will need to identify where inventory is being synced to.

Revel to BigCommerce Inventory Sync Items can be created with inventory upon first upload.

There are Two timestamps in the database that trigger updates.

  1. The producut_time_stamp is used to create a new product and update the price. So, changing inventory does not affect the product time_stamp.

Note: Changing data under the Product TAB will update the product_time_stamp and will not affect inventory.

  1. The inventory_time_stamp is used to update inventory. When a new item is added to your stock or when a purchase is made at the register inventory will update the database inventory_time_stamp.

Note: Changing price or information about the product on the Product TAB will not affect the inventory_time_stamp. Only altering inventory or RESET COST under the Inventory Tab will update the inventory_time_stamp.

Setting your Action Dates within a Task

Your TASK will save the start date on when to look for updates and are based on the Actions you set up within that TASK. Once you turn on your schedule, the schedule is then running constantly looking for New updates and not historical updates.

If you’re on a trial account you can only go back 48 hours when setting up your Action dates and on Paid Plans you can set your ACTION Date to go back 6 months or more if needed and look for a larger number of products to update. For example, If a product has been sitting on your shelf and has not been purchased in 5 months, going back 6 months would find that product along with others and it could now be updated.

Please view the HELP article on how to test and send inventory below. You can basically Reset Cost to the same value, so if COST is $5.50 in Revel you can Reset Cost to $5.50 under the inventory tab in Revel

Shopify Inventory BigCommerce Inventory WooCommerce Inventory

Note: every integration pair has limitations on an upload all, so sending 1000’s of updates or more may have limitations based on their time_stamps and when the items where updated. Items that are spread apart with unique timestamps are easier to import. Alternatively, importing a large Excel will essentially give all those products the EXACT same time_stamp and thus could have limitations on a very large update or a payload of data that large with 1000’s of records. Please contact support if you feel you’re having problems with a large update to see if we can offer some suggestions.

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