Shopify Questions and Answers - eSync Troubleshooting Tips

Q. How do I see logs?

A.Simply click on your Activity Log button for your TASK. See Activity Log messages for more information.

Q. Only 3 orders at a time are downloaded from Shopify.

A. Yes, orders are downloadeed in batches of 3 at a time. We suggest turning on your Schedule at a higher interval if needed to download the next batch of 3 more often. If you need more than 3 orders to download at a time, please contact Support at the top of this page.

Q. I created products in Shopify, and added images later. Why are images not being created after?

A. Images are only sent on the initial upload when creating new products. Please make sure you have an image for all new product before you use the Send Standard or Send Matrix Actions for Shopify.

Q. My Shopify App creates in Shopify but nothing else happens.

A. Only the store owner has permissions to add apps and approve any billing fees. Please make sure you’re logged into Shopify as the store owner and not a standard user or developer. In this instance, log in as the store owner, delete the Shopify App and try again.

Q. What is the key that is used to update a product for Shopify.

A. Shopify keys in on the product name. So, if you change the product name the product will not sync anymore and may even create a duplicate with the new product name.

Q. I changed the name of my product in my POS and it will not sync anymore.

A. Shopify requires the names of all products to match between the POS and Shopify, so if you’ve changed the product name in either location, then the item will not sync anymore.

Q. Why are some of my Matrix products creating and some are not?

A. Shopify keys in on the product name. Your Matrix product names are very important in creating your Matrix attributes or children products. Avoid special characters in your product names (Example: , !@#$%^&*(). {}|[]:"’’;,./?>,) and only use hypens, etc. Example of good product names are; Timbers Army T-Shirt, Timbers Army Adidas Shirt, etc. Use dashes (hypens) only and do not use special characters.

Also, avoid special characters in your Attribute Names. Example of a good attribute name; Sm Blue, 3in Blue, Black-Red, etc. To re-iterate, only use hyphens (dashes) in your attribute names and product names.

Q. Can I send inventory to Shopify with decimals for grocery/weighted items, say .5 lbs?

A. No. Inventory in Shopify can only be saved as an integer or non decimal number or 1,2,3,4, etc. Shopify does not support non integers or decimales for your inventory quantities.

Q. I create a product and after added an image in my POS but Shopify didn’t update.

A. The image can only be created on your first push or the creation of the product.

Q. I only got one Matrix image for Shopify.

A. Currently we are only able to support one Shopify Image for your parent product. Variants will have to be added manually by logging into your Shopify website.

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