Kosmos Activity Logs & Status Codes

Learn about the different activity log status codes used when syncing data

Below are some common status codes you’ll see in the Activity Logs.

This group of 200 codes is good, with no errors.

200 (OK)
201 (Created)
202 (Accepted)
204 (No Content)

*if you’re updating inventory only and SKU does not exist in the shopping cart, then you could get a 204 message ‘No Content’

See the group of 300 codes.

301 (Moved Permanetily) 
308 (Redirect)

*if you’re updating inventory only and SKU does not exist in the shopping cart, then you could get a 204 message ‘No Content’

400 messages are a result of the data being rejected, bad request or out of API calls.

400 (Bad Request)
401 (Unauthorized )
402 (Payment Required)
403 (Forbidden)
404 (Not Found)
405 (Method Not Allowed)
406 (Not Acceptable)
409 (Resource already Exists)
422 (Unprocessable Entity)
429 (Too Many Requests)
445 (Message Integrity Error)

Trouble Shooting 

401 (unauthorized) messages may be a result of your Token expiring. If you try again, your token will refresh.

403 (Forbidden) if you see this message your permissions are not set correctly. You may need to reconnect your domain again and make sure you give full permissions for your Token.

409 Messages can be ignored. A 409 message is simply stating the resource already exists and thus you can not create it again. 429 (Too Many Requests) contact support for suggestions, on how to proceed.

Server responses

500 (Internal Server Error)
501 (Not Implemented - server error response code indicates that the request method is not supported by the server and cannot be handled. )
502 (Bad Gateway - Try again)
524 Server Timeout - Indicates that the connection to the server has been closed due to a timeout.

How to interpret your eSync Activity logs

Task Activity log summary

Your activity log summary shows your progress, number of records to sync, last date & time a sync happened, and account information. See below example:

Your common Activity Log Messages, are available via the ‘Download File’ link.

# Below you’ll find, more detailed common log messages.

  1. “method”: “GET 401” This message, states eSync is not authorized to get data from your system.
  2. “method”: “GET 200” This message, states eSync is authorized to get data from your system.
  3. “method”: “PUT 200” Updating an existing item, order or customer record.
  4. “method”: “POST 200 or 201” Creating a new product, order or customer record.
  5. “method”: “POST 409 or 400” Item data already exists, will now process an update.
  6. “Action Status”: “Preparing to sync 5 record(s)” This message is syncing 5 records, which can be SKU’s, orders, customers, etc.
  7. “A matching order does not exist in Clover. Preparing to create the order” Online order does not exist in POS, now importing to your system.
  8. “A matching order has already been imported” This order was already imported, and exists in your POS. Review the order-id in your message next, to locate the order imported into your POS.
  9. “Customer not found” A customer record is confirmed to not exist in your POS, and now can be imported/created after.

A full list of status codes can also be found by following the link.

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for feel free to post a ticket in our Help Desk.

Updated on May 9, 2024

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