Integrating Clover POS Products with Shopify

How to integrate your Clover POS products with Shopify

Now that you have connected Clover and Shopify store, you can add your needed actions, and run a few tests. We suggest, adding the Standard Action (non-variant) first.

Note the unique identifier for Clover is the product SKU. The unique identifier for Shopify is the product name. So, both the SKU fields and the product names need to match for any products not created by eSync.

Create a Simple Products (Send Standard Action) from Clover to Shopify

  1. Item has a SKU
  2. Item is Active in POS
  3. Item has a Product Name in the POS
  4. Item has Inventory Value (Zero or higher) in Clover
  5. Item has Price Value (Zero or higher) in Clover
  6. Item has a Category in Clover (categories are required to create new products)

To restrict specific products from going up to your website just add the Print Label ‘instoreOnly’ in your Clover POS.

See the snapshot example for the instoreOnly label.Create Matrix Products (variants) from Clover to Shopify

  1. See standard item sync above.
  2. Matrix (variant) Parent Name needs to match the Clover Parent Name. The child’s individual names do not matter (just the parent’s), & the individual option SKUs also need to match.

Note: Matrix products need to be built properly in Clover using the POS hardware or the Clover UI.

See the item Variant Example below.

Variant Attributes and Options – Colors, Sizes, etc.

Price adjustments in Clover is a trigger to sync new items, and not inventory. When adding new products, we suggest adding the SKU first, and the price update last. To test, change price by a penny, hit save, and change back, hit save again.

Note: The time stamp for inventory sync from Clover is different from the time stamp to create new products in Clover. So, running your Send Products Action after a sale in your POS will not update inventory. You will need to RUN your Update Inventory Levels Action in this case. To test, adjust inventory, hit save, and change back.

Now view your TASK Activity logs and for support, upload the Full log to a Support Ticket for further assistance.


See the below example list of Clover and Shopify available actions to sync products. To see a full list, please log into eSync, and then choose the two logos, and your full list will appear.

See the article on – Kosmos activity log and status codes

See the article on ‘How to trigger point of sale updates, for an integration.

See the video example on Bulk Migration of Items and Inventory from your POS to your Shopping Cart

If you’d like to purchase a support package, you can do so here.

If you have further questions, please post a ticket on our Help Desk

Updated on May 3, 2024

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